SYNESIS is a private-public Consortium whose main shareholders are private Italian and German SMEs, and whose public shareholders are Italian and German RTD Institutions: the Italian National Research Council (CNR) and the German Fraunhofer Gesellschaft (FhG).

SYNESIS mission is to carry out research programmes, to conduct research activities for the realisation of prototypes, machines and demonstrators, also for third parties; to identify and realise experimental operational structures able to develop demonstrational hardware and software, pilot plants and similar projects; to train researchers and qualified technicians in the fields of interest both for the Consortium and for third parties; to act as a technological observatory, to conduct analyses, studies both for the Consortium and for third parties; to exploit patents owned by the Consortium.
Particularly, the SYNESIS consortium focuses its mission on the knowledge based sustainable factory and is active mainly on application oriented research, in close cooperation with CNR and FhG, strongly focusing on technology transfer and industrial innovation activities.

Major specific RTD topics and Enabling Technologies addressed by SYNESIS are: adaptive factory automation systems; factory system integration from CAD-CAM, to PDM-ERP, to MES and logistics, to shop-floor and machine control level in a unique real time framework; collaborative real time networked enterprises along the value chain from designer, to supplier, to producer, to vendor, to consumer; new paradigms for sustainable European production paradigms; fast engineering of products and processes through integrated digital factory and knowledge based engineering solutions; ICT for manufacturing.