SCM Group

An industrial group which is leader in the creation, production and distribution of  technologically advanced solutions to process a vast range of materials (wood, glass, stone, plastic, metals and composite materials), with specialist brands for specific technologies and centres of excellence expert in industrial components, present on all 5 continents for more than 50 years.

In 1935 in Rimini, Nicola Gemmani and Lanfranco Aureli set up a company which made ploughs, reacting to the crisis of 1929. In 1952, based on a design by newly qualified engineer GiuseppeGemmani, produced the first cast iron combined multi-purpose woodworking machine: L’invincibile B4.

From 1985, the company grew through acquisitions and diversification to better adapt to changes in the economy: it consolidated its position in solutions for the furniture industry and acquired technology and know-how in solutions to process glass, plastic, stone, metals and composite materials.

SCM Group has 500 engineers in R&D and 365 registered patents. Every year SCM Group invests at least 7% of its turnover in research and development, technology and know-how.. Applied development of new products is guaranteed by the individual divisions and technological units.

Applied development of new products relies on centralised centres of expertise:

  • Csr studies and research consortium develops studies and experimentation relating to vibration – acoustic optimisation, safety and operator-machine interaction, energy efficiency, dust reduction and fluid dynamics. Csr is a Highly Qualified Laboratory approved by MIUR – the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (Italy).
  • DMC High Tech Research laboratory designs and creates innovative solutions for the use of machines with flexible abrasive in the wood sector and in other sectors.

Crif research centre for the casting industry supplies experimentation, research, certification and consulting services for the production of castings made of cast iron and other alloys.