nxtControl GmbH

nxtControl GmbH is developing and marketing software products for the automation industry. We have developed one of the first automation software products based on the new IEC61499 standard for distributed systems. To make the product suitable for industrial use, we have integrated several technologies and techniques to solve customer problems. The main problems that we have addressed are more flexibility and modularity of automation systems and more efficient automation engineering. By improving the vertical and horizontal integration we help system integrators, machine builders and good manufactures to be more flexible, more independent and much more efficient.

The company has been founded in 2007 by a team of technicians and two independent companies (system integrators). One of the companies has a long time experience in building automation and the other one provides relevant know-how as integrator and consultant in the process industry. Beside financial support, both partners were involved in the development of our product, to make sure that nxtControl Software is customer orientated and coming up to industrial requirements. In September 2009 a venture capital investor, held by the government of Lower-Austria, has taken shares in nxtControl.

The nxtControl team itself is already working since 1996 as a team.  Before starting up nxtControl GmbH, the key-people were developing DCS and SCADA systems, specialized for very large applications (reference: CERN). The company they worked for was taken over in 2007 by Siemens.

Today nxtControl GmbH consists of 9 employees including university graduates in mathematics, machine engineering, software and hardware engineering as well as application engineers. We have a strong „team-experience“ in the development of software tools for automation applications..Especially important for this project is the integrated know-how in automation architectures and software/hardware dependencies.