IKEA – Swedwood

The Swedwood Group is part of the IKEA group, and its primary task is to ensure production capacity of wood based furniture for IKEA. Following this goal, IKEA-Swedwood manages forests on long term lease contracts, establishing and operating sawmills, component and furniture production strategically located relative markets and/or raw materials supply. IKEA-Swedwood‟s serve also as role model for other suppliers in all respects and all fields they are active which includes performance, improvements, resource management and sustainability.

Within the project IKEA will provide its huge experience as woodworking end-user to help correctly focusing the development activities of the other partners. Moreover, granting access to its manufacturing environment, IKEA will support the integration of one of the two industrial pilots of Factory-ECOMATION.

IKEA-Swedwood was established in 1991 with head office in Ängelholm, Sweden. The development during the first five years could be described as a time when some suppliers to IKEA, mainly in East Europe, were incorporated into Swedwood. From the end of 1995 to 2006 the company experienced a strong restructuring, with an increasing of efficiency and an overall modernization, leading IKEA-Swedwood to grow from 14 units with 3,300 employees to 35 units with 14,100 employees. Recently, IKEA-Swedwood has experienced additional requirements, increasing activities in other regions of Europe as well as outside Europe. New concepts for building state-of-the-art capacities have been employed to increase the efficiency of all processes, reduce construction time and speed up the transfer of know-how.