ACT Operations Research LTD

ACT Solutions specializes in advanced decision support systems by standing on optimization, simulation, forecasting and process control expertise built on the breadth of skills within its cross-engineering background team; our products are based on a strong scientific foundation. ACT Solutions’ name and brand is familiar to large organizations of complex processes and large-scale systems. They include a gamut of reputable customers including Global 2000 and listed corporations of manufacturing and services’ vertical markets.

Helping you with innovative solutions for optimization, simulation, forecasting and process control, based on powerful tools, state-of-art methods and sophisticated models, ACT Solutions adopt last generation technologies for decision making support and dynamic process control to innovate the way operations research, statistics and control theory leverage factories and plants performance.

ACT will leverage its experience in manufacturing simulation design to enable the correct setup of production modeling, contemporary providing the required simulation platform. Moreover, its contribution will be fundamental to support the development of external plug-in from Synesis.