WP8 – Industrial Applications

This work-package is meant to validate all specific components and the integrated environment that are defined and developed in the Factory-ECOMATION research program. It considers, on one hand, the assessment of the specific elements and the integrated environment, and on the other hand, promotes the development of the two test beds related to the wood-working and iron&steel industries considered throughout the project, to test component implementation and to investigate the complete integrated solution.

The WP aims at demonstrating how the project provides valid solutions, widely applicable at industrial level, to obtain plants meeting the strictest requirements in terms of energy consumption, monitoring and control, energy recovery and emissions abatement, all towards an effective near zero-emissions factory.

The pilot activities will be slightly different between the two domains, due to their specific characteristics: the iron&steel pilot will focus on a more retro-fitting strategy, while the woodworking one will be divided in two steps, first testing some of the new solutions in laboratory thanks to the development of prototype, and subsequently carrying out the construction of the real shop floor pilot.

All validation activities will provide information about the capability, efficiency, limitation and risk of the Factory-ECOMATION development approach, compared with actual solutions in use.

The aim of this WP will be:

  • Integrating and validating the monitoring and data evaluation platform in industrial practice;
  • Integrating, configuring and validating the management and supervision framework;
  • Integrating the new technologies developed during the project to increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions;

Evaluate the comprehensive effectiveness of the solutions introduced in the two production environments.