WP5/WP6 – Iron&Steel and Wood Tech

These work package are built upon the outputs of WP2, where the functional requirements for an eco-optimized factory as that envisioned by Factory-ECOMATION are defined and evaluated; within this context, WP5 and WP6  are dedicated to the re-engineering of the industrial technologies involved in the iron&steel and woodworking production process. The objectives of the work packages are thus twofold:

  • To evaluate the current production environment with the primary aim of identifying the main criticalities in terms of energy waste and emissions production;
  • To develop new technological solutions conceived to face the criticalities previously identified.

Starting from these two high-level objectives, the work packages focus their activities on two main points of intervention: development of new energy recovery technologies and/or equipments; development of new emissions abatement technologies and/or equipments. The domains of competence of these two innovation steps will not be maintained separated a priori, but, on the other hand, arranged in concert between the corresponding task leaders, coherently with the new approach of energy and wastes emissions aggregation introduced by Factory-ECOMATION .