WP4 – Data Combination & Evaluation

This work-package will exploit the data made available by WP3 sensing and monitoring platform in order to develop a Decision Support System (DSS) tool driving the Factory-ECOMATION eco-optimized factory design and management.

A set of meaningful KPIs will be developed on the basis of the data made available through the sensors network but at the same time taking into account the functional requirements of the management and automation platform. The overall assessment methods will cover economical, energy-related and environmental aspects, linking sustainability criteria and business objectives, and allowing to identify and evaluate promising improvement alternatives; the definition of the KPI framework will be based on specific comments and requirements of the industrial end-users, whose main contribution will be in focusing the development on the most important criticalities of their respective production environments.

The identified KPIs will also be used in a DSS tool that, formalizing the relationships among critical success factors and performance levels, will allow to establish which are the priorities to be followed in the planning of intervention on the production process. The results stemming from the application of the assessment method and the DSS tool will be used to define a suitable business models (within the project exploitation activities) and other initiatives aimed at modifying the market environment, such as proposition and promotion of clear and objective Factory-ECOMATION labels as well as stakeholders involvement for creating a market paradigm favorable to the establishment of the near zero-emissions Factory.